Our Approach

At Anchor Point Financial we focus on helping our clients plan for, purposeful financial goals, objectives and dreamsand we like to do it with a smile because life’s just better when you smile.

5-Step Process

1. Understand – We ask a lot of great questions until we feel we truly understand what is most important to you. “Planning for Purpose”.

2. Strategize – There is no one size fits all solution, you are unique so your solutions have to fit you.

3. Collaborate – Our strategies must make sense in the scope of your entire plan and our job will be to collaborate with your team accordingly before moving forward.

4. Implementation – Putting the strategies into motion

5. Monitor and Adjust – We have a fantastic support and service team to constantly stay in touch with you to track your progress and adjust accordingly.

Working with Chad enabled me to meet my goals of a secure early retirement.

His close attention to – and analysis of my desires and requirements resulted in a plan to take advantage of changing market conditions throughout the years I have been working with him.

The Anchor Point team has always been responsive to any questions I’ve had, or changes I’ve wanted to make, to ensure my needs are met on a continuing basis.

Retired thanks to Chad!

Allan Vallis